'I met Chioma Rowland when I had no money' - Davido


'I met Chioma Rowland when I had no money' - Davido

Davido and his wife, Chioma Rowland

The artist Davido from Nigeria has talked candidly about how he first met Chioma Avril Rowland when he was not well off.

Looking back on his early years, Davido concluded that he was lucky to have met Chioma before to being well-known and wealthy, in contrast to the general tendency of people finding it difficult to discover true love.

He said that it was fortunate that he had met Chioma at that specific stage in his life since he would not have been able to consider marriage at that time, fearing that women would be attracted to him just because of his income or position.

Davido highlighted how happy he was to be surrounded by those who knew him before he became well-known and wealthy.

"I have a friend who, whenever I talk to my wife on the phone, says he has everything in the world, but the one thing he is missing is a wife," he said. I met my wife prior to having money, but I kept convincing myself that things wouldn't be the same if I hadn't met her and was now single and found a lady. Since my name is Davido and I am wealthy, I would sense that the woman is speaking to me.

"Seeing those who helped me when I had nothing around me is what makes me successful.


To further embellish the story, Chioma revealed that she had first met Davido in school.

She said that one of their common friends, who was seeing one of Davido's acquaintances, introduced them.

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